A tiny crack or chip might seem no more than a blemish in your car’s windscreen, but can prove an ominous harbinger of things to come in the minds of car owners: more windscreen cracks, lengthy car servicing, expensive replacements, or worse.

But before you jump on your keyboard and begin despairing at the searches for “windscreen replacement cost”, it would be good to first learn of some of the realities of when, how, and why to consider repairing or replacing your windscreen.

The dreaded windscreen crack

But it’s important to always remember to inspect your windscreen closely for cracks or damages at all times, since even the smallest of chips – especially in the edges of the windscreen – can mean that the glass is already becoming significantly weakened and susceptible to far greater damage in the future.

Sometimes it might be hard to notice the few chips or windscreen cracks that have already built-up in your auto glass over time. 

Many small chips might have occurred in the outer-edges of your windscreen where you can’t see them as clearly, or else are small and faint enough even to miss when driving regularly.

Keeping your eyes on the road – and on your auto glass

Bringing your car in for windscreen repair doesn’t have to be as daunting a task as you might think.

Your service professionals will assess the location, quality, and depth of any damage in your windscreen and advise the best course of action for repairs moving forward. 

Most of the time, this will boil down to whether minor windscreen repairs or total windscreen replacement is suitable.

Windscreen repairs or windscreen replacement?

Total windscreen replacements are for larger glass cracks and damages that cannot easily be remedied by hand. If your auto glass professionals have studied the area and advised that such windscreen cracks have made irreparable damage unavoidable, windscreen replacement is the best option for keeping you safe and your car free from much larger repair costs.

Large windscreen replacement

Smaller windscreen repairs are for shallow cracks and chips that haven’t yet caused wide structural damage to your glass, and are usually performed by auto glass repair technicians in a short amount of time using special high-strength and fast-drying resins to fill in the damaged areas. This is also the cheaper of the two options.

Small windscreen chip repair

When it comes to all types of windscreen damage, shrugging off or ignoring the importance of auto glass chips as they occur is the surest way to promising bigger problems for your windscreen down the road.

So though it might be tempting to put it off till later, or to think that small damage is a given in the fate of any windscreen’s lifespan, the truth is that bypassing any damage is the surest way for that damage to strengthen, deepen, and with time cause far greater structural issues that further drain your wallet.

Speeding into action for windscreen damage

Repairs to windscreen cracks and chips may seem like a nuisance to stay on top of, but can be the surest way of swerving around much larger repair costs for your car in the future. Remember to keep on top of all damages you notice in your windscreen today, so you won’t have to worry about ominous cracks tomorrow.

Bring your car in for regular inspections and servicing with the professionals at Horsham Auto Glass so that you’ll always be on top of your windscreen – and not beneath it.

Don’t let windscreen damage take you out of the race – stay in the fast lane

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