Truck Glass Repair: Getting Your Truck Back On Track

Truck Glass Repair

We provide a range of auto glass repair services for trucks, from fixing small chips to full windscreen replacement. We also service side windows, mirrors, sunroof and canopy glass, and more. We also offer aftermarket glass, ADAS (Advanced Driver Assist Systems) and windshield camera recalibration.

Truck Glass Repair

Truck Windscreen Replacement and Repair

We provide both front and rear windscreen repair and windscreen replacement for various truck makes and models. We can also repair and replace sliding rear windscreens and install a sliding rear windscreen if you do not already have one.

Truck windscreens can get easily chipped on rough terrains, and we endeavour to repair when we can instead of replacing windscreens. We can repair chips smaller than a 5-cent piece when they are in the central vision area by injecting clear resin at the site to stabilise it and prevent further cracking. After curing the resin with ultraviolet light, the site should be safe from further damage.

The windscreen replacement process is straightforward but requires expertise.

  1. After removing the trim around both sides of the windscreen and removing the rear-view mirror, we cut the sealant from the perimeter of the windscreen.
  2. We then lift out the damaged windscreen using industrial-strength suction cups, clean the old sealant and replace it.
  3. Finally, we lower the new windscreen into place before refitting the trim and securing the windscreen with tape temporarily until the sealant cures.

    Other Glass

    Other than windscreens, we repair and replace side windows, mirrors, and sunroof and canopy glass on trucks. Some of these procedures, such as side windows and canopy glass repair, require mechanical skills as well as glazing skills to ensure other parts of the truck are not damaged in the process. From a stuck side window to a full replacement, we can do it all. Our staff can help you with these services and guarantee a smooth and efficient process.

    Driver Mirror

    A driver’s mirror is integral to the safe operation of a vehicle. We provide mirror cutting services, so you can avoid purchasing an expensive new mirror from a dealership.

    Side Window

    We also offer EmuWing side access window installation, providing an access solution to those hard-to-reach areas.

    We prioritise quality and durability in our repairs. We can help you with your auto glass needs, whatever they are.

    Advanced Driver Assistance Systems Calibration and More

    Windscreen cameras and ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) require calibration after windscreen replacement, as the system can be affected by the process.

    Examples of windscreen cameras and ADAS include:
    • Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC)
    • Lane Departure Warning (LDW)
    • Lane Keeping Assist System (LKAS)
      • Automatic Emergency Braking (AEM)
      • Pedestrian Detection System (PDS)
      • Windshield Rain Sensor (WRS)
        Tracked tractor glass replacement


        We provide auto glass repair services, including ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) calibration, aftermarket glass, and windshield camera recalibration. Our services also include on-location repairs and can support you through emergencies. From a small chip to a full windscreen replacement, we can get you back on the road.

        Blue car


        We provide auto glass repair and replacement to cars and can service all makes and models.

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        Mercedes truck


        We provide truck windscreen replacement and other glass repair and replacement services.

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        Heavy machinery

        Heavy Machinery

        We provide glass repair services to heavy machinery such as tractors and loaders.

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        Our Truck Glass Repair Locations

        From our home base in Horsham, we provide auto glass repair services across Western Victoria. With 35 years of experience and a lifetime in the area, we are your top choice for auto glass repair.

        The areas we service include the following:
        • Horsham
        • Hamilton
        • Hopetoun
        • St Arnaud
        • Kaniva
        • Apsley
        • Birchip
        • Ararat

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